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Experience the Healing Touch of
Therapeutic Massage

We offer massage therapy for all of your needs. If your are wanting a gentle, relaxing full body massage or more subtle energy work or a deep therapeutic massage we are here for you. We have experienced, present and compassionate massage practitioners that are available Monday through Saturdays.

Here is how massage may benefit you:

  • This is a time for you to receive; be nurtured, supported and cared for. A time for you to experience the healing powers of touch.

  • This is a time for you to focus on your breathing, calm your mind, release emotions, tensions and stress.

  • Massage acts to stimulate or relax the nervous system depending on the style.

  • Massage relaxes muscle spasms and releases tension.

  • Massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body, aiding in supplying essential nutrients and eliminating metabolic waste and toxins.

  • Massage stretches both the superficial connective tissue and underlying musculature, eliminating restrictive adhesions, allowing for a more full range of movement.

  • Massage improves muscle tone by mechanically stimulating inherent reflexes in the muscle fibers.

  • When moderately forceful, massage may increase heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and the number of red blood cells.

  • Massage is helpful in reducing more chronic types of inflammation, edema and congestion.

  • Some authorities believe that vigorous massage can aid in weight reduction by mechanically breaking of fat, making it available for the body to assimilate.

  • Just as anything that improves your general well being, massage will help you in preventing illness and injury.

  • Simply – Massage just feels great!


Our current fees are:
1 hour – $80
1 1/2 hours – $120
2 hours – $150
In home massage available

Call 831.332.0760 for an appointment or email Dr. Makaya Roma.