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Therapeutic Yoga Workshops
with Makaya Roma D.C.

The Center for Healing - Class Schedule

Experience the benefits of this holistic self-healing practice. For all levels including those with special considerations or chronic conditions. Gently paced. Sequences begin in resting poses and move from there.

Postural Re-Education Workshops Schedule

Benefits include:

  • Fine tuning your alignment and gait
  • Release chronically held tension
  • Minimize strain and joint degeneration
  • Deepen your understanding of alignment and balance in Yoga postures
  • Rehabilitate from an injury or joint replacement

Additional Benefits of Yoga

Makaya's approach to teaching reflects her 29 years of experience as a Yoga instructor and Chiropractic physician specializing in musculo- skeletal health. She integrates her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, joint biomechanics, posture, and gait into each of her classes.